This is how you send your applicator to us for maintenance

When you send your applicator in for maintenance, please remember to include your contact information and a description of any defects with your shipment. Remember to also inform us if you want winter storage for your device as an additional service. Carefully pack your cleaned device and take the package to the nearest Posti. Use Happowa’s contract number 640728 when sending (only valid in Finland). For applicators sent in other ways, we cannot guarantee a fast service chain.

The shipping costs for the device will be billed together with the other service charges. The service costs are determined by the procedures performed on the device.

Winter storage is available as an additional service

When you send your applicator to us for maintenance during the fall season, you can also choose winter storage of your device as an additional service, in which case we will deliver the serviced applicator back to you in the spring, well in time before the start of silage-making season. When a serviced applicator is properly stored in a dry and warm place throughout the winter, the pump will not develop defects due to incorrect storage, and you can be sure that the benefits achieved with high-quality maintenance will still be stored when silage harvesting begins. The price of winter storage is €94 VAT 0%.

Why choose factory maintenance with Happowa?

At Happowa, we have years of experience in the maintenance and testing of preservative applicators of all brands. We run a test program on all new and serviced pumps to measure the actual performance of the applicator. When you choose maintenance performed by our professionals, you can be confident that your pump will work and be in good working order at the start of the season.

Take care of your additive applicator

The condition of the pump must be well taken care of in order to avoid malfunctions of the applicator and equipment failures during the silage season. The pump should always be cleaned after the end of the harvest season by pumping plenty of clean water through it, and it must be stored protected from frost, sunlight and moisture.