Applicator for silage loader wagon

Hapotin noukinvaunuun

Applicator for a silage loader wagon. The application system in the picture features a Fellow bottom-mounted tank (1), Spreader acid applicator (2), spray bar (3) and Spreader controller (4). 

Applying silage additive with a silage loader wagon

In a silage loader wagon, the additive is added to the cut grass in the pick-up, before the rake. The Spreader 6000, with a maximum capacity of 12 l/min, is an additive applicator suitable for most silage loader wagon models. The Spreader acid applicators have an electronic controller that makes it possible to adjust and monitor the flow rate easily and accurately. The controller sends an alarm when the flow of liquid from the tank stops, which means that the tank will not run empty by mistake.

The equipment set also features a control relay, with which the acid applicator can be connected to the harvesting machine controls. This allows the pumping to be switched on and off automatically according to the position of the pick-up, for example.

Happowa’s 700-litre bottom-mounted tank is often the best solution for transporting preservative with a self-loading forage wagon. The tank is mounted underneath the forage wagon’s bed, behind the axles, where it does not restrict driver visibility or the wagon’s usability. The patented design is intended to reduced wave motion, and the tank effectively prevents additive applicator suction issues.

The AIV solution is applied to the grass flow with a spray bar. The spray bar is a pipe made out of acid-proof steel with 1.5-mm holes every 5 cm. Because the spray bar is usually lower than the liquid level in the tank, an anti-drip valve must be used to prevent the free flow of liquid. The anti-drip valve is installed in the hose, as close to the nozzles as possible.

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