Applicator for trailed forage harvester

Hapotin silppuriin

Applicator for a trailed forage harvester. The application system in the picture features a front-mounted tank (1), Spreader acid applicator (2), shredder nozzles (3) and Spreader controller (4). 

Applying silage additive with a trailed forage harvester

In a trailed forage harvester, silage additive is usually applied in the blowpipe. The required pumping capacity of the additive for trailed forage harvesters is usually 2–12 l/min, meaning that Spreader 4000 with its maximum capacity of 6 l/min is often a suitable applicator option. The Spreader additive applicators have an electronic controller that makes it possible to adjust and monitor the flow rate easily and accurately. The controller sends an alarm when the flow of liquid from the tank stops, which means that the tank will not run empty by mistake.

Happowa’s nozzle set includes two acid-proof round jet nozzles.  These nozzles are installed into the blowpipe so that the additive spray is evenly applied to the grass flow.

If the nozzles are lower than the liquid level in the tank, an anti-drip valve is installed in the hose, as close to the nozzles as possible.

The VP stem pump set may also be a good choice for applying additive with a small-capacity trailed forage harvester. The stem pump included in the product set is a reliable and affordable choice if the required pumping capacity is less than 5 litres per minute.

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