Applicator for baler

Hapotin paalaimeen

Applicator for a baler. The application system in the picture features a silage additive barrel (1), Spreader acid applicator (2), spray bar with nozzles (3) and Spreader controller (4). 

Applying silage additive with a baler

In the baler, the silage additive is added to the grass flow either in the pick-up before the rake, or directly in the chamber. The required pumping capacity required by a baler is usually less than 6 l/min, meaning that suitable additive applicator options include the Spreader 4000 and Easy 4000. Flat spray nozzles are used to apply the additive to the grass flow evenly and accurately. Happowa’s spray bar has three flat spray nozzles and a working width of approx. 120 cm.

Because the nozzles are usually lower than the liquid level in the tank, an anti-drip valve must be used to prevent the free flow of liquid. The anti-drip valve is installed in the hose, as close to the spray bar as possible.

Equipment sets for baler

There are two different equipment sets available for a baler, one with a Spreader 4000 applicator unit and the other with Easy 4000. The Spreader 4000 features an electronic controller that makes it possible to adjust and monitor the flow rate easily and accurately. The controller sends an alarm when the flow of liquid from the tank stops, which means that the tank will not run empty by mistake.

The Easy 4000 also features electronic, stepless application that can be adjusted from the cab of the tractor using the electronic Junior controller. Unlike with Spreader 4000, the flow rate must be monitored mechanically by using a glass tube flow meter. The flow meter is included in the Easy 4000 baler set.

A VP200 stem pump set may also be a simple and cost-effective solution for applying small quantities of silage additives.

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