Applicator for self-propelled forage harvester

Hapotin ajosilppuriin

Applicator for a self-propelled forage harvester. The application system in the picture features an IBC-tank (1), Spreader acid applicator (2), shredder nozzles (3) and Spreader controller (4). 

Applying silage additive with a self-propelled forage harvester

In a self-propelled forage harvester, the required pumping capacity is usually approx. 10–30 l/min. Therefore, Happowa’s efficient Spreader 30 with its maximum pumping capacity of 30 l/min is usually the best applicator to be used in a self-propelled forage harvester. Spreader acid applicators have an electronic controller that makes it possible to adjust and monitor the flow rate and the amount of preservative used easily and accurately.

The equipment set also features a control relay, with which the acid applicator can be connected to the working machine controls. This gives you the freedom to concentrate on factors other than controlling the acid applicator, as the working machine switches the device on and off automatically.

The nozzle set includes two acid-proof round jet nozzles. These nozzles are installed either on top of the forage harvester’s pipe or to the chamber so that the additive spray is evenly applied to the grass flow.
The free flow of liquid from the tank to the nozzles must be prevented with an anti-drip valve that is installed in the hose as close to the nozzles as possible.

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