Silage Preservation

Making high-quality silage is a process with many stages. The keys to a successful feed harvest include a healthy plant population, correct application of additive and reliable, high-performance equipment that prevents unnecessary disruptions to harvesting.

Both acids and biological preservatives may be used in the process of ensiling. All Happowa’s additive applicators, containers and other equipment are suitable for both acids and biological preservatives. In order to achieve the full benefits of any silage additive, it needs to be applied to the silage as evenly as possible without losses. Occupational safety is also a priority, especially when working with corrosive acids, and therefore all components used in the application must be completely acid-proof.

Our product range includes reliable, high-performance application equipment for all types of harvesters. Ensure the successful application of preservative with our products!

  • Acid applicators

    Acid applicators (9)

    Acid applicators for all silage machines, for dosing both acid-based preservatives and biological silage additives. See also product categories Applicator for  self-propelled forage harvester, Applicator for silage loader wagon, Applicator for trailed forage harvester and Applicator for baler. There you can find everything you need for dosing with your silage machine. Remember Equipment and accessories, as well!
  • Containers

    Containers (1)

    Transport preservative to the field in an easy and safe way. Our product range includes containers for transporting preservative with various kinds of harvesters. If you use 200-litre barrels or an IBC-container at the back of a forage harvester to transport preservative, make sure to check out our container racks!
  • Nozzles

    Nozzles (15)

    It is important to use acid-proof nozzles when using acid as a preservative. Our product range includes harvester-compatible nozzles and spray bars that are suitable for applying both acids and biological preservatives.
  • Equipment and accessories

    Equipment and accessories (26)

    Accessories make metering easier. Happowa carries a wide range of accessories for Spreader acid applicators, from control relays to hand switches as well as flow rate monitoring and adjustment equipment for other acid applicators.

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