As an applicator leasing customer, you can use the Spreader applicator for three years at a fixed annual price. The contract includes, among other things, regular maintenance, an extended warranty and spare machine delivery in the event of a pump failure.

A leasing contract guarantees that you always have a working applicator at your disposal during the silage making period. In the event of a possible machine failure, we can always find a replacement pump in a quick schedule, and the repairs are carried out in accordance with the normal warranty conditions. The warranty covers the entire three-year contract period.

The leasing contract runs for three years, after which you can buy or return the acid applicator to Happowa. The contract may be extended for up to two years, in which case the contract is signed for each year separately. The annual price of the contract is always the same, regardless of the extent of the maintenance and storage services. The costs associated with a leased acid applicator are tax-deductible.

The leasing option applies to Spreader applicator Spreader 30, Spreader 15 and Spreader 6000. Please note that this service is currently only available to customers living in Finland.

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