Our leasing option is available for the high flow Spreader 30 acid applicator, which is the most recent addition to the Spreader product family. With a maximum pumping capacity of 30 l/min, the Spreader 30 acid applicator is best suited for forage harvesters. Our leasing contract includes a pump unit, power cable, jumper cable and controller.

The leasing contract runs for three years, after which you can buy or return the acid applicator to Happowa. The contract may be extended for up to two years, in which case the contract is signed for each year separately. The annual price of the contract is always the same, regardless of the extent of the maintenance and storage services. The costs associated with a leased acid applicator are tax-deductible.

Continuity and peace of mind with leasing

Our leasing contract entails many benefits. At the end of the season, the acid applicator is sent to Happowa for maintenance and winter storage. Happowa replaces the acid applicator’s consumables and carries out a test run to determine its performance capacity. Thanks to regular maintenance and careful storage, our leased acid applicators are always in mint condition.

The leasing contract guarantees that the farmer always has a top-notch acid applicator ready for use at the start of the ensiling season. If the device breaks down, Happowa will quickly provide a spare acid applicator and take care of any repairs in accordance with the normal warranty policy. Happowa offers an extended warranty for the entire three-year contract period.

The ensiling season is often the busiest time of the year for many farms, which is why the equipment used must always be reliable. As an owner of a leased acid applicator, you can get to work without worries.

Check out our prices and lease your own acid applicator here or call us to learn more! Please note that this service is currently only available to customers living in Finland.