Starter fertilisation boosts your potato crop

Additional potato fertilisation begins with local fertilisation at the planting stage. In starter fertilisation, the nutrients for successful growth are added close to the seeds. This way the germinating seeds have immediate access to them. The easiest way to balance the nutrients successfully is to use liquid fertilisers.

The fertilisers and amounts to be used are chosen based on soil sample analyses. For example, studies have shown that phosphorus treatment as starter fertilisation boosts potatoes’ initial growth and will later on significantly impact factors such as potatoes’ amylogenesis.

Local fertilisation at the planting stage improves potatoes’ nutrient uptake after germination and at the sprout emergence stage. Proper application is essential in local fertilising. Happowa’s starter fertilisation system includes pipes and nozzles, which can be placed at an optimal distance from the stem tubers. The system’s settings and flow meter ensure accurate and efficient application.

Happowa’s starter fertilisation system is perfect for different types of planters. It can also be used for seed treatment during potato planting and sorting. Seed treatment helps prevent crop damage caused by black scurf, for example.