Damages in the equipment may cause undesirable interruptions in harvesting but they can often be avoided by taking good care of the equipment. The acid applicator must always be cleaned after use by pumping clean water through the whole system, and it should be stored in a dry place, protected from sunlight and freezing.

Happowa has many years of experience in service and testing of acid applicators. A test programme is run with all new acid applicators and equipment coming to service to measure the actual performance of the equipment and to provide the customer with a test report. Our goal is to always keep the necessary spare parts for all our products in stock.

When sending your equipment to service, please remember to include your contact information together with a description of the possible faults in the delivery. Use the following shipping address:

Happowa Oy

Kankaantie 563
62150 Rintakangas


Happowa Oy
Kankaantie 563
62150 Ylihärmä
Puh 0400 863 514


Johannes Holkkola
Puh 040 703 0526


Sauli Holkkola

Juha Kamppila

Timo Kurkimäki
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