Seed treatment is the only way to combat seed-borne plant diseases


Grain is grown for various purposes, such as feed grain, food grain and malted grain. Seed quality and proper seed treatment combat seed-borne plant diseases and are, therefore, the cornerstones of a good yield in all grain growing. Both certified seeds and a farm’s own seeds require treatment before sowing. Successful treatment of a farm’s own seeds is especially important.

It is a common misconception that you can stop plant diseases prevented by seed treatment at a later stage by spraying the plants with pesticide. In reality, spraying does not work on seed-borne diseases. In other words, protecting your plants against these diseases is impossible after the seeds have been sown. View seed treatment as an insurance policy worth investing in: studies have shown that every penny invested in seed treatment pays itself back multi-fold.

Trace elements give your seeds a boost

You can improve your seeds’ chances of successful growth by using a seed dressing that contains trace elements that the plant needs, such as manganese. This treatment method is becoming increasingly popular in Finland. Tests carried out on Finnish farms have indicated that using trace elements in seed treatment is worth it in our environment. For example, seed treatment with manganese prevents trace element deficiency at an early stage, which can lead to a significantly higher yield.

Tips for successful seed treatment

Make sure to sort and clean the seeds carefully before treating them. Impurities and pieces of debris can reduce the effects of seed treatment considerably. Thorough seed preparation ensures the best possible seed treatment result. Even application of seed dressing is also essential: every single seed must come into contact with the seed dressing. Ensure even application by mixing the seeds with the seed dressing using a small item, e.g. a screw.

It is recommended that you treat the seeds and allow them to soak up the seed dressing a short while before the sowing. Proper seed treatment ensures a higher and better grain harvest, which, in turn, means a more substantial pay packet for the farmer.

Our duty is to help you succeed in the treatment of seed grain. Our user-friendly, accurate and reliable liquid seed treatment applicator guarantees an even seed treatment result and better crop.