Winter storage contract


Happowa offers a winter storage service for acid applicators, which includes thorough seasonal maintenance. Send your acid applicator to us for proper maintenance and winter storage at the end of the season to ensure it is in perfect condition and ready for use in spring.

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Happowa offers a winter storage service for acid applicators. Leave your acid applicator in our care and you can rest assured it will be in perfect condition in spring.

At the end of the season, simply detach the acid applicator, clean it and send it to us. We will take care of the rest. We will service your acid applicator thoroughly and store it in a dry and warm place for the winter. In spring, we will return your acid applicator on a date agreed in advance to ensure you have it ready for the season.



  • Cleaning of the acid applicator
  • Check of internal parts
  • Replacement of the valve set, bearing and O-rings; the customer will be informed if any other spare parts must be replaced
  • Maintenance report, including device performance information
  • Winter storage
  • Delivery costs (home delivery)



  • Spreader 4000, Easy: EUR 290/year
  • Spreader 6000, Easy 6000: EUR 320/year
  • Spreader 30, Spreader 24: EUR 410/year

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