Starter nozzles

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Nozzle set for applying potato starter fertiliser.

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Nozzles for applying potato starter fertiliser. The fertiliser solution is applied to the bottom of the drill.

The starter nozzle set includes four types of nozzles in four sizes and feeder pipes.

Mark Hole diameter Output/nozzle
No lines  0.8 mm 0.2–0.4 l/min
 1 line  1.0 mm 0.3–0.6 l/min
 2 lines  1.2 mm 0.5–1.0 l/min
 3 lines  1.5 mm 0.7–1.5 l/min

NB: Only sizes Ø 1.0 mm, Ø 1.2 mm and Ø 1.5 mm are included in the product image.

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