Silage additive applicator Spreader 15

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Spreader 15 is an additive pump well suited for silage loader wagons and self-propelled forage harvesters. The maximum pumping capacity of the pump is 15 l/min and it is suitable for applying both acids and biological preservatives in the process of silage preservation.

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Spreader 15 is a high flow additive pump with an operating range of 2–15 l/min. It is an excellent choice for loader wagons with a large harvesting capacity, as well as for lighter models of self-propelled forage harvesters. Spreader additive applicators have an electronic controller that makes it possible to adjust and monitor the flow rate and the amount of preservative used easily and accurately.

With the two calculators you can observe the amount of preservative used, e.g. per load and per container. This allows you to see quickly whether there is enough preservative for one more load or if you need a refill, for example.

Spreader additive pumps have been designed for user-friendliness and easy maintenance. Spreader 15 and Spreader 30 differ from other Spreader applicators in not having quick coupling connections. This is one of the factors behind the extremely high pumping capacity of these applicators.

Switch the pump on and off by attaching a limit switch, for example to the pick-up or by using the signal data coming from the harvesting machine NB: A control relay must be attached when using the harvester’s pick-up data.

Contents: pump unit, Spreader controller and a connecting cable (10 m). With Ø 16 mm hose couplings.


Technical specifications:

  • Pumping capacity 2–15 l/min
  • Operating voltage 12 V
  • Maximum power consumption 13 A
  • Maximum pressure 3 bar
  • Maximum suction lift 2 m
  • Hoses Ø 16 mm

Additional information

Weight 9,0 kg
Dimensions 40 × 38 × 33 cm

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