Liquid seed treatment applicator

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A reliable and user-friendly liquid seed treatment applicator. Electric power control ensures more accurate application and reduced power consumption. Some of the liquid returns to the canister mixed. Easy nozzle attachment. Operating voltage: 12 V.

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Happowa’s accurate and user-friendly liquid seed treatment applicator is a perfect choice for the application of liquid seed dressings. Rough adjustment of the amount of seed dressing applied is easy with five different nozzles and you can make fine adjustments steplessly with a potentiometer. This product package includes everything you need to start seed treatment.

The seed treatment applicator is designed to always return some of the pumped liquid back to the canister. This prevents sedimentation and disruptions during the seed treatment process. Attach and detach the nozzles using the user-friendly fasteners included in the package. The device is safe to handle.

The liquid seed treatment applicator’s operating voltage is 12 V. You can also use the mains voltage with the mains transformer accessory.


  • Suction and pressure hoses
  • 5 flat spray nozzles of various sizes and a nozzle body equipped with an anti-drip valve and filter
  • 2 nozzle body fasteners, for a filling screw, for example, incl. a clamp
  • Measure

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