Fellow bottom-mounted tank

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Fellow bottom-mounted tank is a compact, safe and reliable solution for transporting preservative with a silage loader wagon. The tank is available in three sizes with a transport capacity of 600–700 litres (depends on the model).

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Happowa’s Fellow bottom-mounted tanks are designed for transporting preservative using a silage loader wagon. The tank is mounted underneath the silage loader wagon’s bed, behind the axles. The tank does not restrict driver visibility or the wagon’s usability. The patented design is intended to reduced wave motion, and the tank ensures easy application and effectively prevents acid applicator suction issues. It is also designed to empty completely. The tank has rotomoulded plastic parts and acid-proof steel clamp irons, which guarantee durability and long useful life.

Contents: bottom-mounted tank, clamp irons, suction pipe, suction filter and Parker filler quick couplings with a 32-mm hose coupling.

Available in three sizes compatible with most silage loader wagons.

  • Fellow 700 (105000) is the most common bottom-mounted tank. Its capacity is 700 litres and it has a space requirement of 125 cm lengthwise. Price: EUR 2,800 VAT 0%.
  • Fellow 600 (105050) is a shorter bottom-mounted tank with a capacity of 600 litres and space requirement of 100 cm lengthwise. Price: EUR 3,500 VAT 0%.
  • Fellow tera (105100) is designed for silage loader wagons with a protruding herringbone gear in the middle at the back, for example. This tank’s capacity is 660 litres and it has a space requirement of 125 cm lengthwise. Price: EUR 3,280 VAT 0%.

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Fellow 700, Fellow 600, Fellow tera

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