Introducing Happowa VP stem pumps

In the video, Teemu Tapio from Happowa visually presents VP stem pumps: different models, accessories and pump operation.

The VP stem pump is a simple applicator model that is available in three models suitable for preservative containers of different sizes: VP30 for a 30-liter canister, VP200 for a 200-liter drum, and VP1000 for a 1000-liter IBC container. The operating range of the reliable and reliable acid pump is 0–5 l/min, and it is a perfect alternative for preserving feed or crushed grain for small flow rates. Due to its good acid resistance properties, the stem pump is especially suitable for acid preservation of crimped grain, where propionic acid-based preservatives are often used. Either a mechanical flow meter or an electronic Junior control unit can be used to adjust the flow.

Happowa offers two ready-made product packages: VP stem pump set for a roller mill or a trailed forage harvester and VP200 stem pump set for a harvesting machine with a pick-up. The packages differ mainly in terms of the nozzle model, and their delivery contents are also reviewed in the video. The video is subtitled in English and Swedish.