Choose an acid applicator that meets your specific needs

We offer two types of acid applicator: diaphragm pumps and stem pumps. On the one hand, a diaphragm pump’s advantage over a stem pump is that its pumping capacity is not affected by the container’s liquid level. On the other hand, a stem pump is a reliable and affordable solution for smaller flow rates and it is perfect for grain acidification thanks to its high acid resistance.

The most important criterion for selecting an acid applicator is the harvesting capacity. This capacity is given in tonnes per minute (tn/min). Multiply the harvesting capacity by the desired dose of preservative to find out the output rate required of the acid applicator.

Formula: (x tn/min) * y l/tn = z l/min

It is also worth considering how you want to monitor the amount of liquid pumped. By far the easiest and most accurate option is a Spreader acid applicator equipped with an electronic flow meter. These acid applicators indicate clearly the volume pumped.

Power and precision with Spreader

Spreader is an accurate high-performance diaphragm pump acid applicator. The electronic Spreader controller ensures easy and accurate adjustment and monitoring of flow rate. This simple and user-friendly controller allows you to monitor the flow rate and preservative consumption in real time. The controller issues an alarm when the flow of liquid from the tank stops, which means that the tank will not run empty by mistake.

The acid applicator is easy to maintain and handle. The cables and hoses are connected to the applicator with quick couplers, which makes it easy to detach the acid applicator for winter storage or install it onto another harvester.

The Spreader acid applicator can also be controlled using an external switch, such as a limit switch on a pick-up tool that pauses the acid applicator whenever the pick-up tool is lifted up. This gives the user the freedom to concentrate on factors other than controlling the acid applicator. A control relay is another popular accessory, allowing you to connect your forage harvester to the controller.

Available in three versions with different pumping capacities:

Spreader 4000: 1–6 l/min

Spreader 6000: 2–12 l/min

Spreader 30: 2–30 l/min

Easy acid application

Easy is a reliable high-performance acid applicator. The pump features electronic, stepless application that can be adjusted with the user-friendly Junior controller. You can use a separate flow meter to monitor the flow rate more accurately.

A diaphragm pump’s advantage over a stem pump is that its pumping capacity is not affected by the container’s liquid level.

Available in two versions with different pumping capacities:

Easy 4000: 1–6 l/min

Easy 6000: 2–12 l/min

The Stem pump is best-suited for the acidification of crimped grain

Happowa’s user-friendly and reliable stem pumps have a pumping capacity of 0–5 l/min. A VP stem pump is a superior choice for grain acidification thanks to its high resistance to propionic acid. You can either use a mechanical flow meter or the electronic Junior controller to adjust the flow rate.

Available in three versions for different container sizes:

VP30: 0–5 l/min, 30-litre container

VP200: 0–5 l/min, 200-litre barrel

VP1000: 0–5 l/min, 1,000-litre IBC-container